close up of woman's arm getting chemotherapy infusion

Oncology Care

The oncology care providers at Alegria Health and Wellness pride themselves on the wide array of services dedicated to the needs of patients with a range of malignancies and blood abnormalities. Our team is focused on delivering the finest in cancer care available in a warm and friendly atmosphere. We focus on treating the whole patient and not just a disease, providing not only medical care of the highest caliber, but also supporting each patient’s journey with committed advocates helping them navigate the details of their comprehensive treatment experience.

We treat patients with blood cancers (leukemias, lymphomas, myelodysplastic disorders), breast cancer, disorders of bleeding & clotting (hemophilia, hypercoaguability disorders), disorders of blood cells (thalassemia, sickle cell disease, polycythemia, hemochromatosis), gastrointestinal cancers (including colon cancer), gynecologic cancer, lung cancer, and prostate cancer.

Our oncology services include:

  • Chemotherapy
  • Biotherapy
  • Saline hydration
  • Nausea treatment
  • Antibiotic therapy
  • Immunotherapy & immunoglobulin (IvIG)
  • Bisphosphonates (for osteoporosis and osteopenia)
  • On-site laboratory services (including phlebotomy and laboratory analyses)
  • Cancer patient support groups
  • Wellness & cancer prevention team